Over 11 years of production for bushings and other auto parts , I founded this company in order to sell the auto parts

much more easier and faster at the beginning.In 2011 I was chosen by Alibaba.com to be the first lecturer of SHAANXI

province in China. So I have chance to visit hundreds of manufactories and talk with their directors for production and

operations all around China.After that we changed the way to serve all my clients because I realized the importance of

the services.We sell not only product but also services from then on. We are happy to see the growth of everyone in our

team when finishing the project one by one with our clients for the past 4 years. And also glad to watch them success.

Since 2000 when I begin my career, the world changed so fast because of internet.Now it's easy to find a factory but hard

to make your decision when facing many choices. We pick out the real valuable information for our clients faster than

ever by using our well-trained and expert staff. This what we do now and future.You want to be successful in this fast

changing world and connect to all the valuable points in Asia.

With us , you will be on your way to the top .

Wen Hui

Managing Director


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