Unique properties provided by a wide range of Aluminum, Zinc and Magnesium alloys

Sand casting

Investment casting

Lost wax casting

High pressure casting, Low pressure casting …


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Possible weight of the part 0.015 ~ 12 kgs
Possible size of the part 4 mm ~ 650 mm
Possible wall thickness 0.3 mm ~ 13 mm
Tolerances by casting ± 0.1 mm
Tolerances by post machining 0.02 mm
Minimum order quantity 500 kgs
Cold Chamber Die Casting
Hot Chamber Die Casting


  • High efficiency, semi-automatic production, use robot arms for material loading and workblank demoulding.
  • Good at making thin wall and complex structural parts. Min wall thickness 0.3 mm for Zinc alloy parts, 0.5 mm for Aluminum alloy parts, min casting hole diameter 0.7 mm.
  • High precision on dimensions, casting tolerance could reach CT3 ~ CT6 class, ±0.05 mm, please refer to below table for details.
  • Good surface roughness, Ra 0.8 ~ 3.2 μm. 
  • Good dimension consistency, sizes are provided by tooling
  • Available for insert molding, combine steel part with aluminum part by only one time casting to save post-assembly.


  • Air holes in the thick wall part caused by high speed injection, need to do resin impregnation if you have requirement for air tightness.
  • High tooling cost compared to pure machining if the quantity is small.

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