How much do you know about the die casting process?

The die casting process, that is, the pressure casting process, is a casting process in which the metal in the molten or semi-molten state is pressed into the metal mold at high speed, and then the molding is cooled under pressure. High-speed injection, high-pressure casting is the die casting process is different from powder metallurgy technology unique, accompanied by mechanization and automation, in the die casting process produced by the die casting process, can be embedded in the casting of small parts, simplify the process can also complete the complex shape, thin-walled casting, which means that it has a high degree of production efficiency, can complete large-scale product customization production.

At present, in the electronic and electrical accessories, doors and windows hardware, auto and motorcycle spare parts, lampshade accessories and other industrial accessories, can see the figure of the die casting process, our company is also to see the unique advantages of the die casting process itself, as well as the huge demand of the market, therefore, the die casting process as one of the key technologies cultivated by our company’s factory. The die-casting products produced by our factory have been widely used in the automotive industry, home appliance industry, and other key industrial industries, and enjoy a high reputation in the global industry.

Trust Dewin, into die-casting technology.



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