DU/SF1: bushing,flange,washer,strip

SF1 is wall wrapped bearing made of triple layer composites material which be consists of a steel backing,a sintered porous bronze particles interlayer and calendared with PTFE as surface layer.it is of low friction coefficient, anti-wear,anti-corrosion and can be used without oil lubrication, or only a trace of oil if needed.moreover,it is low cost,low noise,compacted and light.it is widely applied in various mechanical sliding positions,such as textile machinery,printing machinery,hydraulic vehicles,tobacco machinery,automobiles,agricultural and forestry machinery etc.


SF2 is boundary lubrication bushing is based on a composite material with 3 firmly bonded layers:steel as backing,sintered bronze spherical powder as interlayer and modified POM as lining layer.it fits well for low speed,middle-load and normal temperature and saves cost and prolongs working life when replacing normal all copper bushing.it is widely in auto chassis,forging machine,metallurgical and mining machine,civil engineering,powder station,strip rolling industries,etc.


It is backed with high quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze sintered om its surface.to effectively decrease abrasion,its alloy surface can be machined with various of grooves,oil pockets for easier oil storage in terms of different work condition.when necessary,an anti-erosive coating can be plated on the steel back.it can be applied to conditions with enormous impact load.in mechanical applications, it is used to make wrapped bushes,thrust washer and bushed on connecting rod level of gas engine,etc.

FB090 and FB092:bushing,flange

It is made of high quality low-carbon steel and the surface is rolled to diamond or round oil pockets,the special lubricant is embedded in the pocked.it has good lubricating and corrosion resistance property,it can work in the condition of little of oil or none of oil,i is particularly applied to high temperature,water solution and the occasions where cannot be added oil,like hoist machines,building machinery,machine tool industry,mining machinery,etc.


It is backed with strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casting.what’s more,the brass backing has pretty good anti-erosion ability in air,fresh water and seawater,the surface is regularly and finely machined with sockets in which particular solid lubricant is filled,the product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines,mine-exploiting equipments,ships,steam engine,etc.


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