FU bearing, FU lubricating bushing, Sintered bronze oilite bearing

it is made of bronze powder, shaped under the pressing of mould, then soak in the lubricating oil in the vacuum environment after sintering and sizing. It has tiny and uniformly distributed porous structure. This product could be self-lubricating and maintenance-free without injection of oil for long time. It has the low use-cost and high precision of ID and OD, which is especially suitable for the application of middle speed, low load.

It is widely used in mini motors, home appliance, electrical tools, textile machines, chemical industry, auto industry and office equipment etc.

  • General material:CuSn6Zn6Pb3 or CuSn10
  • Load capacity:35N/mm2
  • Friction Coef.μ:0.12~0.18
  • Temperature limit:-80~160℃

Sintered oil impregnated bushing

FU-2 Fe based products, it can avoid the bite of shaft due to the oil impregnation in the structure. Same as bronze power bushings, it has good performance of lubrication when it works under low load. It can be widely used in sliding part of textile machines,electric tools, shock absorbers of automobile and motorcycle. Under static condition, it can be used as based housing for guiding and fixing.

  • General material:FE
  • Load capacity:45N/mm2
  • Friction Coef.μ:0.15~0.20
  • Temperature limit:-80~160℃

FU-3 Cu-Fe alloyed product has both of the advantages of FU-1 and FU-2,. The proportion of iron and copper can be decided by customers' actual application. The bushing is not only of low cost but also can satisfy customers' various requirement.

  • General material:Fe-Cu-C
  • Load capacity:45N/mm2
  • Friction Coef.μ:0.12~0.20
  • Temperature limit:-80~160℃

Sintered Iron gear

It is used in all kinds of household appliance, office equipments, gearboxes. Complicated structure, high strength, higher efficiency of production than machining

Piston, Guider and other parts of automobile shock absorber

With steam oxidation, produced by customization, we offer the high precision which meet clients' requirements, and stable quality of bulk production. Improved process with DP4 PTFE bushing inserted, more lifetime, more lubricous. We have the semi-automatic production lines and specialised in full set of spare parts of automobile shock absorber, expert to EU, Russia, Mexico and other shock absorber factories.

Sintered cam with camshaft for engine

This is a new product which developed by Toyota, which is the substitution of the casting camshaft. The cam is sintered of Fe powder and welded on the shaft, with the high strength, wear-resisting, and light weight, it obviously improve the performance of the engine and save the cost.

Spline hub for automobile air-conditioner compressor electromagnetic clutch

With the process of sintering, copper infilltration, and electrophoresis coating, it is a main product in our series, the spline is with high precision(for three-digit number) and high strength, and good matching with the axis of air-conditioner compressor. We can offer various types for different brands of car.


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