Cap of perfume bottle for LAROM* PARIS

Key point:Cap, Galvanization, Assembly, Supply Chain, Integration

The client inquired us on 18th April about the steel bushing in the aluminum cap of perfume bottles. With the special function of structure required, we need to combine the steel bushing with plastic cap and then stick it with aluminum cap by glue. At the beginning of the design, the plastic cap and steel bushing were connected by the ribs and groove on the surface. But the close-fitting for each part will tremendously increase the labor cost for assembly. So our engineer suggested the client to change this process to injection moulding. Then we can make the whole part in one process. The second point, this bushing requires the performance of anti-corrosion and beautiful appearance at the same time, it also needs to pass RoHS, no harmful substance for human. We considered Dacromet at first, but it is muted color, so we chose one kind of galvanization at the end. What's more, after we delivered first lot of products, our client replied that about 5% of connection with glue is not strong enough, we needs to find new glue for the connection in our domestic suppliers or use another kind of plastic. We made the new samples with another kind of plastic, meantime, our engineer suggested the process of knurling on the outer surface. Finally we used the new process, so we don't need glue any more and also save the labor cost. In the process of cooperation, we gradually realized the requirements of quality control and management of suppliers from our client and are willing to help to purchase other parts from our partner factories and other China factories, then assemble them all. It allow us to control all the quality in the chain, and observably simplified the whole supply chain and saved the cost and time for our client. We think it just the way we should go in the future, rather than considering our own profit simply, why not help our customer to save more energy and cost, create more value for our client.


  • Title:Cap for perfume bottle
  • Client:LAROM* PARIS
  • Start Date:2014.04.15
  • Confirmed:2014.10.16
  • Services:CSD
  • Principal:Alan
work flow of cap


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