Sintered Dual Gear

Key point:Chamfer, Groove, Sintering Temperature

This project 'Dual Gear' started with an inquiry from a German client in the summer of 2014. And this time we were required to use Powder Metallurgy process. We have had over 10 years experience of Powder Metallurgy, so no problem, we could do it well. Our quotation was accepted as usual. It took a month to open a new mould. Then the first trial of sample got started. It was finished soon, 500 pcs dual gear. Before we sent, we did the test on our own. All dimensions were tested right, including tip dia. of small gear, runout of small gear, root dia. of small gear, flange thickness, groove O.D., tip dia. of big gear...density was also good. When client received our samples, they did tests, too. It came out soon. The base tangent length was thicker than it supposed to be. The second problem was: the dual gear looked rusted. After getting the feedback, quality control team had a quick gathering and came up with solution soon. Second time when we did samples, the base tangent length was well controlled because we paid more attention to that while processing. This was an easy one. As for the 'rusted surface', it was caused by heat treatment. We didn't handle it well at the first time. But this time, we did cleaning after heat treatment, and we added one more process-machining. This way, the dual gear felt more smoothly and looked classier. The second time samples were delivered to client soon. All the problems which appeared last time were solved completely. New ones showed up. The hardness was not approved, and the chamfer of small gear was not good. The chamfer issue was solved perfectly after we adjusted mould and added process-machining. To increase hardness, the QC team had a long meeting and finally decided to raise the temperature of heat treatment. We did trials again and again and our work was eventually paid off. Two weeks later, when the third batch of samples sent to client. They were all approved. The sample period started from June and ended in Oct. It was longer than usual but we handled well when we faced new problems. After sample period, the rest was much easier and smoother. Now the client buys regularly from dewin and it helps with the business of both sides.


  • Title:Sintered Dual Gear
  • Client:MC*
  • Start Date:2014.07.25
  • Confirmed:2014.11.10
  • Services:CSD
  • Principal:Nikou
work flow of dual gear


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