Bushing for big auto car company FIA*

Key point:No rust without galvanizing and anti-rust oil. For package no scratch and damage but easy for automatic assembling.

It started in March, 2014. When we received inquiry from our client, we quoted right away and the price was confirmed same day on the 29th. The product was SF1 5(ID)×7(OD)×24(L). structure: steel plus sintered porous bronze, and ptfe. Without galvanization. It was conventional product. On 3, April, we confirmed sample order 10000 pcs and finished on 13, April. But we failed our QC test because of split of ptfe in some spots . Soon our quality control team had a meeting and came out with a handling plan the next day on 14,April. Based on that, we paid extra attention to ptfe placement and controlled sintering process. And of course, we got the split under control. This experience helped us to revise our QC file. We paid more attention to ensure it wouldn't happen again. So on May we started our second trial. By the end of May, we got feedback again. New problem showed up. We manufactured the bushings according to the requirement 'without galvanization'. After customer received our goods, they did Zinc-plating. Hence the outer diameter was out of range, even it was a tiny disparity. When assembling, the bushings wouldn't fit. The coating layer was scraped. What's worse, the bushings were out of shape, and the assembly unit was damaged a little, too. Our client sent us their assembly units for test. We studied the whole part and do more tests. We had a thickness control plan. On the third trial, we controlled well ptfe layer and the split. We saved enough room for the coating layer. By the end of July, our samples got approved. The defective percentage was 0.05%. First formal order finished on August, 2014. We confirmed packaging, shipment and other information. It went smoothly. We work hard to get our quality conformance. And we get our client's trust as well, which is the most important. We get this project 200 000 pcs bushings per month and it keeps going on and on.


  • Title:DU BUSHING
  • Client:FIA* AUTO
  • Start Date:2014.03.29
  • Confirmed:2014.07.25
  • Services:CSD
  • Principal:Nikou
work flow of du bushing


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