Why do many parts manufacturing companies choose the powder metallurgy process?

Globally, the powder metallurgy, parts production industry, the automobile manufacturing industry, and the household appliance manufacturing industry are leading the market, especially the automobile manufacturing industry in developed countries, which counts for more than 70% of the powder metallurgy parts market. , Some reports predict that from 2020 to 2026, the existing advantages of the powder metallurgy parts manufacturing industry, such as special materials that can be processed, low production costs, low metal costs, high environmental protection, and the preparation of high-purity materials, will be further optimized. The popularization and application ratio of finished products in the powder metallurgy parts manufacturing industry will reach more than 90%, becoming a “green technology” that is truly loved and well-known by parts manufacturers and demand manufacturers.

some powder metallurgy porducts

Today, the customized process that Dewin explains to you is precisely about our powder metallurgy technology.
At Dewin, we have powder metallurgy technology that is most in line with the industry trend for the customized projects of supporting basic parts and components, covering the production of parts and components in the automobile manufacturing industry and the home appliance manufacturing industry. By evaluation we are manufacturing materials and products that are currently impossible or difficult to manufacture using other processes, we are also able to manufacture products as per our client’s choice and requirements. If you have special product customization needs but are hard to choose a service trader or a production factory, then choose Dewin Technology, you don’t need to worry about anything, just tell us your designs or needs, this is the commitment we give to your industry.

some powder metallurgy porducts

Trust Dewin Technology and Trade can create the most suitable service trade for you.



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